Secrets In Static

by Spencer York

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released January 26, 2012

all songs written by Spencer York
all songs produced by Aaron Krause

all songs recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered by Aaron Krause at Summer Sky Studios, Nashville, TN

Spencer York - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Krause - Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums
Matthew Izaguirre - Bass
Katherine Mez - Vocals



all rights reserved


Spencer York Nashville, Tennessee

I eat toast approximately twice a day. I am called Spencer, and I love you for being here.

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Track Name: Till I Find You
I know you're tired little moon
why you gotta sleep so soon?
cause when your gone there's no holding on
just pretend memories.

she had eyes I could believe
poets heart up her sleeve
and a smile that could make angels deceive
and I want her back again

I could follow you home
you don't have to hide alone
till I find you
I can hear your heart from here
through the static beats so clear
till I find you, till I find you

If i wrote a thousand words
tied them to a thousand birds
let them go when I see the sun
You think you'd get one? You think you'd get one?

I wonder if she'll smile
right when I get there
like she knew all the while
I was gonna get there
Track Name: Lighthouse
I don't like the ocean
I can't trust all that blue
not at all, it's too deep
but if you asked me to
surely I'd jump in and drown for you

you'll be my lighthouse my light house
you'll be my lighthouse my light house
cause you scare the dark away

I like the door to your house
cause I know that's where your coming out
and I'll take you, happy or sad
I know I can be too cynical
but you find the wonderful
light it up like a carnival sky
Track Name: City Serenade
I just can't hold my breath
telescoped by lightning eyes
why can't I?
why cant' I find me?

Don't wish your head to sleep
cause your head is the enemy's keep
why can't I?
why can't I find me?

We lie cause lies are cheap
taste who you want to be
why can't I?
why can't I find me?
Track Name: Gardens & Stars
sometimes I think the sun's got not heart
no heart no heart
burning our gardens full of rainbow colored art
no heart no heart
I'll find happiness in loneliness
so you wont get me
but let my garden rest in peace

I'm gonna figure you out
I'm gonna figure you out
Just to figure you out

Sometimes I wonder just how big the sky could be
is it really just a blanket all rolled up with the stars that cover me
maybe some rocket ship might take me round and round and I'll get to see
just how big the sky could be

all these days feel like masquerades
with kings and queens and Tokyo parades
well heaven aint fun till you're dead and your ghost can breathe
so what do we do till then?
what do we do till then?
Track Name: Twirl
I opened my heart and you followed after
my favorite part, these pages for chapters
it's all new after you
I could write you a book and love every page it took
walk your heart around my head
it's all new after you

and oh, it feels so write when we twirl our hearts around
like we're the king and queen of this world
we can laugh as the world just falls apart
cause we're locked up safe when we twirl
oh when we twirl

I'll catch you the clouds just say you wont leave me
give you my heart till the day it stops bleeding
like your boy's suppose to do
don't you dare leave, my hands yours forever
wont lie to your face and I'll love all your letters
like your girl's suppose to do

I wont let you think for a day
that I'd ever run away
cause if I'm to runaway
I'd run with you
Track Name: Hannah
Hannah wake up, cause the boys all love you
hearts don't give up when they're chasing a girl like you
so Hannah wake up, just do what you do

Hannah look up cause the stars wanna say hello
they like to watch while you're dancing on the ground below
she's a dancer

You could make the sun look sad
daisies wish they had what you have
God must have gave you everything he had
cause you could make the sun look sad
you could make the sun look sad

Hannah don't stop cause a ghost got no heart to break
so love all you want, just love every heart you take
it's an answer

I got one day to see your heart
but i was scared from the start
I got one day to see your heart
but i was scared from the start
she's a dancer